Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cornwall, Day 19 (Jesu, Joy)

It was a Sunday, and so a day to Gather. Being 6,000 miles distant does not hamper that privilege, but in fact heightens it. There is always that familiar Light in the eyes of these unknown friends. So we ate our toast, and walked along the harbor toward St Ia's Church.

As happens each time I visit, the church bells rang out as we approached. A welcome! 

As we entered the church, what should be playing for us, but "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", a timeless message from Bach. My sister whispered, "Ahh, good organist!" and settled into the pew. It was such fun sharing this with my visiting loved ones! There was a lot to share, for there was the prelude, the processional (splendid in its march along, following the Cross), the incense, the hymns, the readings (sometimes in accents we may not have understood!), the sign of peace, the sermon, the communion, and the recessional. Then the minister followed the choir and blessed it just as they reached their exit door, their thanks was given, and it was over.

I can't express how very satisfying it all was. And then walking out into the still brilliant sunshine, we began to talk about the Sunday Carvery. 

There is nothing like the Sunday Carvery, my friends, and it must be experienced to be believed. We chose a pub along Fore Street (I cannot now recall just which pub -!), and were greeted there by the most delicious aromas. The chef stood slicing pieces from a whole roast beef, pork, and (lovely surprise) LAMB! Besides the meats, there were carrots, green beans, Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes and parsnips (oh my), cauliflower cheese, and several sauces including mint, horseradish and apple. I know I am forgetting something.

Everyone had more than they thought they needed, and came away somewhat sleepy. Here is what my dinner looked like:

Peas! I knew I would forget the peas (oh, and there was the most delicious gravy, which came just moments after this photograph).

After that the only reasonable thing to do was go home and rest it off, finally recovering enough for a delightful walk toward the cliffs and the churchyard.

This lovely day closed upon a startling view of ocean waves, the moon hovering in a sliver, with the star Venus just above and to the right of it. We were speechless, and could have stayed out there gazing all night. 

To begin with Jesu, Joy, and end with lovely Venus and the moon lingering just - there?


See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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