Sunday, March 15, 2015


The SconeLady hovers between memories and future. On the one hand, it is lovely to be here in the land of the memories; and on the other, well - Cornwall does await. One must not be tardy when it comes to flight plans. I already have a boarding pass!

And so, it will be a race down sturdy tarmac while the Lady counts the seconds until she is really and truly airborne. I will keep you informed, dear Readers, as the adventure continues and the Book is resumed (there are visions dancing in my head of green, green fields surrounding a little white house full of children wherein love reigns for a time). It will be such fun to see the vision growing.

But in the meantime there are walks to be enjoyed. Scones to recommend! And interesting homes to dream of buying. All a pipe dream, I'm afraid (but just LOOK at this one where Rosamunde Pilcher grew up! Riverview House...'Coming Home'... But - the SconeLady's husband has just gasped audibly).

Let's get together again soon! I shall return to this space as quickly as I can, given long flights and Customs, Wifi and sleep depravation. Stay with me.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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