Monday, March 30, 2015

Cornwall, Day 27 (Croissant, anyone? ANYONE?)

I ran through the streets like a Mad Woman. It had been TWO whole DAYS since anyone, anywhere, had seen the sun, and we (I'm including all Cornwall visitors) went wild when at last we did. I personally got dressed in the layering required for Cornish springtime air. Dashed out of the door in the direction of a croissant, and basked in the freezing sunshine. Except - the shops were deserted. The little corner store was closed. The Cornish Pasty Shop where I get sweet Pasties with apple and raspberry, was closed. Every place that usually feeds me at this time of the morning was closed! What on earth.

So, maybe it was a Bank Holiday Monday and I had missed the announcement. But I stood in the street and looked it up. It wasn't. So I wandered around peeking inside every barred door and getting hungrier. Not even the dogs were out.

But the resulting walk along the shore did me good, and at last I found signs of life on Fore Street. Still no tourists, but the St Ives Bakery suddenly and blessedly opened their door and welcomed me in. Readers, you just should have smelled the most lovely aromas that awaited the hungry SconeLady. "One chocolate croissant, please sir," I said humbly. "And, is it ok if I only have a 20 pound note? I've run low on change."

This turned out to be 'just fine, ma'am', and I left the shop, freshly baked and warm croissant in hand. By the time it had been consumed along with french press coffee at the cottage, the rain had returned - oh woe. And then I thought how excited the people in dry California would be if they had such rains...and was sorry for complaining.

All the same, it was a good job I got out there when I did. In Cornwall, one must grab one's moment. They might not last very long.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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