Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cornwall, Day 15 (Gleaming)

Even though yesterday was a frightfully long day, it was also a made-to-order day that I considered a gift. However complicated the plans were, they came off without so much as one hitch. So much could have gone wrong, but didn't. Hooray!

(Paddington Station)

From a smooth landing in London to finding each other at Paddington, all was as easy as transport can be in this massive city. We then sped south/southwest toward the cliffs of Cornwall, passing Truro Cathedral while munching on delicious foods from The Upper Crust

speeding past Truro Cathedral on a train

A friendly ACE cab driver was at-the-ready in St Ives as we stepped away from the cutest little train, and delivered us safely to our cottages. They are literally at the water's edge, so all of us get to hear the rolling waves all day long.

Hmmm, which comes first, the jam or the cream..?

On the first walk of the day my sister spied something that looked very familiar. It was the SconeLady's favorite tea room, and we instantly pronounced ourselves ready for a scone. The day was bright, although not actually warm as we were served by the highly favored Josh, bringing us our scones. We sat companionably munching away as pedestrians strolled past in the sunshine. I couldn't have planned it out any better.

Well, so our first full Cornish day has come and gone, all awash in brilliant and gleaming blue. And plans are being laid for a possible visit to the brilliant Leach Pottery. Or maybe even a bus ride to Port Isaac (a.k.a. Portwenn, of Doc Martin fame)! How fun would that be?! 

But wherever this holiday takes us, we will let you know, drawing you in and smothering you with all sorts of details. AND, the SconeLady's sister's tall and adventurous son is also a writer, so there are now two of us pounding away at laptops (we talked about trying for 5,000 words per day...Do you think it is possible? It sounds interesting).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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