Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cornwall, Day 25 (Let Me Eat Cake)

Given the number of times I tried to catch them open, it's probably no real surprise that they are finally, irrevocably closed. Poppins Tea Room is no more!

I liked them. We came in the fall of 2014, soon discovering this cutest of all the little tea rooms in St Ives. But Poppins seemed perpetually to be closed! Back and back I came, taking to strolling up through the alleyway at all times of the day. Then once in a while, without notice they would be there, ready for us to call for the jam and cream. I liked that they had little tables out of doors, white table cloths, and a variety of teapots in different colors. You never knew what color you were going to get!

But life is like a box of chocolates, indeed. This time, we got a 'Closed for Business' sign, and the little courtyard has a sad, deserted look. Maybe someone else will open it and give us back this lovely spot to haunt as we search for the perfect scone.

But the spot that is already here for St Ives, always serving the public, is Madeline's Tea Room. So to that spot I went today. It was time to write my daily kiddie postcards while drinking tea and eating CAKE. I love cake.

I asked the tea lady what kinds of cake she had, and was led to the window where there were - are you ready? - 11 kinds of cake! It was a poser. In the end I chose the Chocolate Gateau, along with a pot of tea. 

Superb! I sat at a little table by the window, watching the cars, lorries, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians, workmen, umbrellas, and PRAMS going by (this must be Easter week!). It was all quite entertaining. Postcards, tea and cake are a winning combination and I think I will do it again soon.

And tomorrow! Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, followed by the much-anticipated Easter week gatherings. Add to this my new digs:
It's just as cute as it can be. Original Victorian tile! Wonderfully warm! Colorful! Everything I need, and more. Just the spot for continuing the sweet story that deserves to be told. And so, the SconeLady has landed on her feet once again.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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