Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cornwall, Day 12 (There and Back Again)

When I get home I am going to work out how to poach an egg. I'm sure it shouldn't be that complicated. Maybe there is some kind of machine, or something..

I am interested in this because of getting to eat two of them today, at the Porthminster Beach Cafe. It was only one of the bright spots in this completely bright and lovely day. Things started on this high point, and only kept going UP.

We think the day was truly perfect: for eating along the shore, for riding on trains, and then for walking back towards home for our tea. At last, the weather service got itself right. It was meant to be blue sky, and it was

Carbs Bay through the trees

Together, we:
  • had our poached eggs, toast, granola, yoghurt, and Ted's full English breakfast
  • rode the tiny little train from St Ives to Lelant (or Lelant Saltings, whichever is correct. I keep forgetting)
  • meandered along the coastal path back toward St Ives, chatting away nineteen to the dozen
  • lost Ted a few times but would always at last come upon him waiting for us (usually saying something like, 'I have been asleep for ages', or 'It's been at least 45 minutes!')

  • became waylaid somewhere at a shop window and hearing Ted's long-suffering voice behind us: 'The key, please'.
  • having delicious sausage casserole leftovers and cabbage and baked potatoes
  • going out for 'Pud' late at night! (= pudding, for British; dessert, for Americans)
We just couldn't stop talking! But now I must get packing because in the morning I leave for Paddington Station (with a hot and delicious Cornish pasty in my bag), for Heathrow Airport, for the USA, for my dear mother-in-law's memorial service. Many loved ones await.

And so the SconeLady may be late in getting out some of her blogposts, but not for long. Do keep watch! I won't forget.. I never forget you, my dear Readers.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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