Thursday, January 1, 2015


One of the highlights of life has always been the presence of 'Story', in it. There is always a bit of Story around the SconeLady, whether it be an audiobook buzzing in her ear, or a story-ish podcast, or a television series someone has recommended. Or - (just wait for it) - an actual book! Whatever it may be, there is some storyline weaving its way round the SconeLady's head. I love it.

Right now one of these storylines happens to be a true favorite. It has been read numerous times since possibly as long ago as 40 years, and its wonderful pages have never wearied this reader. It is book #5 in the Anne of Green Gables series, 'Anne's House of Dreams'. 

Every two years or so, out come the Anne books. Start to finish, I am caught up in the sweet delight of this other red-headed orphan called Anne. L.M. Montgomery is a master at crafting a significant life out of one simple girl. The ending of one book urges the reader to dash immediately toward the next. Each is solid. Humorous. Sweet. Enthralling. Fun!
'Green Gables', Prince Edward Island   
This one, #5, begins in a place every Anne reader has been wishing for. Her wedding. We had experienced the adventure of Anne's first appearance at Green Gables; her bosom friendship with Diana Barry; her humiliating outbursts toward Mrs. Rachel Lynde (who did deserve it, after all), and the worst, most embarrassing occasion of being called 'carrots' by Gilbert Blythe. Poor Gilbert paid a dear price for that one mistake, which took years to mend. But it did, in fact, mend - and we all got our wish at long last. 

Today, I finished Anne's House of Dreams. It was so good, I wish I hadn't. But now I get to open the next, and then - the next. Hooray!

Story is, as I mentioned, one of the great highlights of life. It is lovely when it takes you places you have never been; when it introduces you to people and thoughts you have never known; when it leaves you with a sweet desire for all good and worthy things.

It is a theme we could all benefit from. An asset, not a liability. We sure could use more of that.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

The SconeLady finishes 'Anne's House of Dreams'

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