Friday, January 30, 2015


"She's learning not to yelp quite so much, Grandma," said the 4 year old, as she worked on a Lego house. "And she has a special spot for going potty! Mommy taught her how."

"Well - that IS good news," said Grandma. "The best of all possible doggie news."

It was true. Darling Athena behaved as though she thoroughly belonged now to the Little Blue House, as indeed she did. While there might have been a rare accident inside the house, no such calamity had happened while Grandma and Grampa were there. Mommy watched over the new arrival with a steady focus, so that the puppy had begun already to figure out the important bits.

"But I got a little scratch, Grandma," the girl continued. "On my arm."

I wondered whether said scratch had come from a certain doggie paw, and asked.

"Well yes, but she did't really mean it. She was just playing and my arm got in the way of her paw, and.." She hesitated, and then added, "It was a ACCIDENT."

"Oh of course it was. Puppies don't mean to hurt anyone - they are just playing." I said.

At just about that moment, I was kneeling down near Athena, giving her a pat. The little paws were swinging playfully up in my direction, and then suddenly - scratch! went one. 

"Oh Grandma! You got a scratch, too! Poor, poor Grandma!"

Everyone came over to check this out. "Oh Mother, poor you!" said the lovely daughter, and dashed in to fetch a bandaid.

It was soon washed, and covered, and Grandma exclaimed, "It was only tiny! It doesn't hurt at all."

The Grandma and the little girl looked at each other with perfect understanding. One small hand reached over and gave the arm a soft, gentle pat. "Our scratches look the same now, don't they Grandma?" she said proudly.

"Mmm, yes they do." Now this was camaraderie. 

There was a pause. "I think I scratched my little brother once," she went on.

"Oh?" I said softly.

"Yes. His arm got in the way of my hand..."

She glanced over at her brother, and added, "But I don't think that one was a ACCIDENT."

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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