Friday, January 23, 2015

It's a Fever

The SconeLady's finger hovered uncertainly over the purchase button. There was so much possibility beneath that one little button! If she pressed it, the jolly prospect of wayfaring would again open up before her. Boots and walking gear, endless gazing at the sea, writing, Cornish Pasties, scones. It was all there, and all she had to do was to click. That one little click would set the whole thing in motion.

For Cornwall was once again on the horizon, just out there beyond home, 6,000 miles distant. Can you see it? The white sands of Porthmeor and St Ives Harbour; the green walking pathways along a coastline so stunning it could hardly be called anything but Perfect; the kindly Brits and their kindly dogs.

She was distressed about all sorts of details that might hinder a decision, but it was winter - the 'off' season, and therefore cheaper. The exchange rate was good! - and it was all highly motivating. 

Still, her finger hesitated over that key.

The SconeLady's husband was encouraging. A good man. The boon companion who had been there and knew the early morning walks along the shore. And the boats! And the highly favored scones at tea rooms just over the road, visits to places like St Michael's Mount and Truro Cathedral. He would not go this year, but was kind toward her schemes. 

"I think you have a fever," he said one day as I poured over cottage possibilities. "A fever that isn't going to go away and the only antidote is climbing on a plane." 

"But I don't LIKE planes.." I replied somewhat lamely.

"That doesn't matter to a fever," he said.

I suppose he is right. It's a little bit like Malaria, which comes and goes but never actually leaves. Once bitten, the victim goes back and back, seeking the light and the sea. If it really is a disease, well - I might not want the cure!

And so, it was decision time. The SconeLady hesitated for only a moment more, and then - click! - went her finger, and purchase! went her charge card (gulp). The stage was set, the actors assembled. 


See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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