Saturday, January 17, 2015

Swiss Family Robinson (Then and Now)

I don't know whether it was a true story or not, but in 1960 I sure did think it was. We walked into the theater as the movie was already in progress, and the place was packed. All eyes were straight ahead and glued to the screen. I was instantly fascinated.

We had to bump past some other movie-goers in order to get to our seats. But finally our full attention focused onto the great fat pig the family were trying to rescue. And then the dogs! and the geese, ducks, donkey, and other animals who had been stranded right along with the Swiss Family we had come to see. I was never to forget it.

Tonight I got to see this film through the eyes of the next generation. The three had been in and out of the tub/shower, been scrubbed into a state of utter cleanliness, with teeth brushed, pjs on. They sat perched upon their parents' big bed, all ready for Grampa to push 'play'. And then the magic began.

From the first moment, the 7 year old was as enthralled as I had been those many years ago. He was transfixed by the ship approaching certain disaster, ready to be smashed to smithereens. It did, in fact, smash to smithereens, much to his amazement. Adventures untold awaited! Instantly they caught on to the plight, the attempts at self-rescue (having been abandoned by the ship's captain and crew), and the protective way the family treated their Mother.

Grampa and Grandma had to leave before the movie ended tonight, but we had seen it all before and knew the outcome. It will be fun to ask them about it. I feel they will surely have loved the Christmastime dinner and music and dancing in the tree house; the girl found in the clutches of horrid pirates (the girl having been dressed as a boy for her protection) on the other side of the island; the steps the Swiss Family took to protect themselves from those pirates and how the ending battle took place.

It was enough to fulfill all of any child's need for adventure. I remember very well laughing hysterically as one fat pirate received just what he deserved as he stepped into the tiger pit. (Don't worry. It was all very 'tastefully' done).

I'm pretty sure that the 7 year old will be dreaming of some plan to 'practice out' a rescue in the coming days. I am certain his plan would be very effective.

Life without a shirt

And one thing is for sure in any scenario - he would never need a shirt. The guys in the Swiss Family did NOT have to wear shirts, and this would be the utter height of fabulous in this boy's eyes. He could think of nothing greater than running around an island rescuing people, playing with monkeys, building tree houses and swinging from ropes, sliding down a cascade of water and into a pond - all without a shirt. 

How could it possibly get any better than that?

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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