Monday, January 12, 2015

Downton Abbey Keeps Secrets

I am so grateful for online PBS Masterpiece watch instantly the day after! It meant that even though I missed episode 2 last night, I could catch it today. But oh dear. This time there were no giggling ladies, eyes glued en masse to the screen; no warm scones with jam and cream; no small doggie sitting watching on the couch with us. 

But I loved it! It was fun because I could pause it to run over for a cup of tea (for what is DA without a cup?), or quickly rewind whenever I missed something juicy.

And guess what? There was quite a bit of juice. Episode 2 was good, maybe even nearing great status as it wove its web around my interest and drew me in. There was so much more to be engrossed in, and even the question of "where on earth are we to place the War Memorial?' was a good one. I liked it a lot because every village, town, and city in England created a War Memorial after the first Great War. And I like finding the memorial in every town I visit, such as the one below:

Memorial to the Glorious Dead, St Ives Cornwall

This episode was shorter, of course, and those 47 minutes meant it was quite a squeeze to get in everybody's storyline - including Thomas' creepy meanness. Lots happened:

  • Jimmie was packed off under a cloud, leaving Carson with one less footman - "Oh, calamity!"
  • Charles Blake is back at the Abbey and we think that he is SO MUCH BETTER for Mary than Lord Gillingham but this is not Mary's opinion. Argh.
  • Thomas tells Molesley all about Baxter's past sins when he doesn't want to hear about them. But he hears about them. 
  • Lady Mary is still being silly and enlists Anna's help to avoid 'consequences' for her silliness. 
  • Lady Rose wants a 'wireless'
  • Lady Edith wants a child
  • Lord Merton wants one of the Dowagers (hahahaha!)
  • The King speaks through the 'wireless' and Lady Rose gets her wish
And at the end, something transpired that made my stomach turn a little bit. Oh poor Bates! But we shall have to await developments, for another week. I really like Bates (don't you?), so the news had better be good.

No doubt about it, there were secrets galore this time around. A lovely combination of intrigue; machinations; chicanery! Everything you'd wish for in a new season of Downton. 

(And - did you hear??! DAN STEVENS IS IN THE NEW 'Night At The Museum' MOVIE!! It's true! So if you are still missing Matthew Crawley, weep no more).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

photo credit: <a href="">KCTS 9</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

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