Saturday, January 24, 2015


A kindly sister has just today flown north, a thousand miles north, and is now back in her sweet woodland town - likely tired, and probably freezing. But her husband was there to gather her up and turn on the heat, then cooking her a delightfully tasty meal. For no one cooks like Lorenzo. It is a very handy thing to have a chef for a brother-in-law!

For one week those of us in the warmer climes had the fun of this visit, the only sad thing being the speed with which it passed. There was so much to catch up on and to do! But we were only just beginning when the week came to its end.

On one of the days a visit was made to the Little Blue House, where lives a little girl having a birthday. It wasn't the birthday yet, but Great Aunt would not be there for the celebration and so she brought something special in advance. She had looked and looked for just the right thing. The SconeLady had told her that this particular little girl loves to draw and to do art, and so the kind Great Aunt (who used to be a teacher) had picked out some very special crayons. 

The small girl smiled, holding her special crayons and telling her Great Aunt "Thank you!" properly as she tried at once to open them. She was helped, of course, and then Mother got out her very own roll of newsprint to draw on. It was so much fun. And best of all, she shared the crayons with her small brother who stood expectantly, but kindly, even though it was not his own birthday. He understands such things.

It was all very satisfactory, and for days the three children drew and drew, making pictures of astonishing talent and color. There seemed no end of newsprint art created in the Little Blue House. It is all neatly rolled up and placed in the corner, ready for whenever Grandma comes to visit. 

The little girl heard that her Great Aunt had gone home today, and she said, "But where did she GO, Grandma?"

"Oh, she went back home, to Oregon," I said sadly. "Back to that sweet woodland town, where you can walk for miles and never see a frowning face.."

It did my heart good just to think of it.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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