Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It was such a lovely Wednesday. Driving south toward ocean waves and salt air, a sister, and tea. There we sat, gazing out at the great Pacific. Watching surfers in their wet suits falling, then flailing, then trying again. I laughed. All I could think of was the rather stunning son, who would have simply loved it all.

Tea cups in hand, eyes on the waves, we talked. It was mesmerizing to watch the waves roll in and flatten, then gather themselves back up again like some giant and never ending coil. The talking continued until suddenly a smashing dinner was produced, and happily consumed. And then it was time to go. Mother would stay, and visit this charming and talented little sister, getting to gaze out that that for four days straight. Envious! I was. But -

"Thank you for the salmon!"

"Thank you for driving me!"

"Drive safely!"


"See you on Sunday!"

"Miss you already!"

"Thank you!"

And off we went, heading north. This thankfulness never ends, you know - thankfulness for a mother who, at 90, is funny, and pretty, and smiling. And comforting. And - millions of other things! Thankful for the family she raised and who still love her and each other; thankful for the children who were added, and who are now adding.

I love it all. Thank You.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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