Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a movie star? Or an NBA player? Or an astronaut who came through unscathed? I have. It would be fun because then so many people would crowd around, and ask questions, and want to be my friend.

But it turns out that I do not need to be one of those unusual creatures who find themselves surrounded by adoration. This is because I already have it. I am a grandparent!

We experience this most amazing fame every time we walk into their house, or they walk into ours. Or whenever we meet them at the park. Or the beach. Or at a restaurant. It's always, "Grandpa! Grandma! you CAME!" as they run a beeline in our direction. All of their grandparents receive this same devotion. 

We are all 'famous'.  

This is very sweet because every grownup loves to be loved. It is so nice being surrounded, and jumped upon, and smiled up at. 

Once, when we were preparing a space for our first grandchild, I worried a little bit about how to be a good grandmother. So I asked my sister who knows about such things, having had a dozen of her own grands. "I don't know if I will be very interesting to him.." 

She laughed, and said she had felt that way as well, when it was all new to her. "He will love you!" she said with utter confidence.

I knew she was right, but.. "..what if he doesn't want to play with me very much?"

"He will want to because you will just quietly go over and start playing with some toys on your own, and you won't try to make him play it with you. You'll just wait - he will soon be right there, playing along. Trust me."

This I did. And I was so happy to find that this plan was solid. Without a word, I just started playing, and soon felt his presence right next to me. I took a block, he took a block. And we never looked back.

I learned that 'making' children play, or sit on laps, or give hugs might not work so very well. 'Letting' them do it is much more satisfying. 

Now, with three such darlings, no one ever has to ask anyone to play. It just comes naturally. If you ever worry about this, just lay down on the floor and you will find yourself piled upon. Works every time.

So let the movie stars, and the NBA players, and the astronauts enjoy their masses. But for me, three's the crowd I'm looking for.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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