Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Can Always Count On BBC ONE


Once again, I have come to the conclusion that the Brits do it best.

One thing they are doing best (in my opinion) is the creation of fun and unique television. There are series galore! I personally know scads of Americans who scour the airwaves for British TV series, and when they finish one they start scratching around for another. A scary moment happens when they fear they have finally come to the LAST SERIES EVER. But it really never is the last series, because those Brits come along and produce another, just in time. It's like clockwork.

The series I am looking at right now is not a murder mystery (they do these extremely well) or a legal treatise (also superb). It is, in fact, called Escape To The Country. Brilliant!

Escape To The Country is just the way it sounds: A handsome or beautiful host gives a couple the opportunity to view 3 properties in the countryside that they might wish to choose from, thereby escaping to the country. Since the entire countryside of England is gorgeous, true Anglophiles tend to fall in love with almost all of the properties and wish they could be on the show. I wish I could be on the show. But since I can't be on the show I do the next best thing. I go there.

In fact, in a matter of weeks I shall be there! So when I found out today that there are several episodes of Escape To The Country, Cornwall available, I immediately started binge-watching them. They are so sweet! One of my personal favorites can be found by clicking here because it features my particularly favorite end of Cornwall, St Michael's Mount, just a few miles from St Ives. You will love ALL the scenery and will immediately want to go there.


And just wait till you see the very amiable husband on this episode. He is calm, and kind, and everything his wife forgets to be - until she sees him being it. And then she becomes calm, and kind, and settled. It is the sweetest thing. Just the effect people should all have on one another, rather than getting grumpy. Getting grumpy gets others grumpy back. And that, my dear Readers, is never sweet.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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