Saturday, September 26, 2015

England Day 6 - Seeing More

Overnight the internet stopped being so pesky, and suddenly delivered my photos. I do love this view of Castle Rising. There is something a bit mysterious about it, as if giving you a small taste and then beckoning you on to see more:

It is surrounded by a startling Moat which kept it safe from intruders over the centuries. It is empty of water now, but still makes up a perfectly huge earthworks that surround the Rising on all sides. I walked all around that moat, along the tip of the earth works. This was a little unsettling because one misstep and I could have rolled almost straight down and into the moat, the way we used to roll down the hill at school (don't worry, no humans were harmed in this episode). 

The forward view of Castle Rising

Blondie, friend Rosie, and Dora

Every day after the fun, after the cathedrals and the castles, I get to go with friend Rosie to take care of her animals. At this juncture, there is the donkey, the two horses, 10 sheep and one rather enigmatic cat. Maximus. All of friend Rosie's animals love her and can't wait to see her coming their way. Her coming means much patting, and kindness, and food. Just the exact sort of food each and every one of them dream of having. She is constant and sympathetic, as well as being courteous with them. The kind of farm-lady any 'kept' animal could come to adore. And they all have.

I have to leave them all, soon, and that is always a tough one. Because being in the realm of Rosie has much the same effect upon me as it does upon the animals. Her presence means kindness, and sympathy, and listening, and - yes, most dazzlingly - food! 

And we all love her for it.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Sunshine in the late afternoon. (Bliss)

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