Monday, September 14, 2015

A Kid's Lego Dream

There were LEGOs absolutely everywhere, and nobody knew where to start. You could ride in Legos, look at Legos, have pictures taken while sitting/standing near Legos, or even build with Legos. There was LEGOmania everywhere you looked. And our tribe simply could not get enough of it.

There were 8 of us wandering about gazing at all the amazing Lego structures on display. Grandma and Grandpa were very excited about this right along with everybody else, snapping photos to beat the band. Anytime our little ones have huge smiles plastered all over the place, it is going to be a good day.

But soon Grandma noticed something else about Legoland. It was HOT. Now we are used to heat, let me tell you. SoCal is one of the Heat capitals of the world so it comes as no surprise to find ourselves in an uncomfortable sauna, while walking around out of doors. But - man. I won't go into to it too much, but fairly soon we two wandered our own way and found the nearest air conditioned building. And had ice cold cokes. And watermelon. And yogurt. Ahhh, that was dreamy.

Although we ended up departing for home earlier than our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, we did hear all about it later. They were absolutely filled up with adventures that had happened while they careened around in there at a break-neck pace. They built lots of Lego figurines and vehicles and structures. They went to the Legoland waterpark and swam around inside of places that had a variety of Legos to stare at. They went on rides, like spinning tea cups and roller coasters. They came upon a Star Wars Lego exhibit where they could build Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. They wandered through Miniland, where iconic buildings had been formed with Legos so brilliant that they took one's breath away. The White House. The Capital building. The streets of New York City and London. It was all just so overwhelming and everyone loved everything. Their eyes were wide the entire day.

It all ended up, as it always ends up after a visit to an amusement park, inside of a massive gift shop where the goal is to separate you from as much money as is humanly possible.

"So what was your favorite part of Legoland?" Grandpa asked them next day.

The 8 year old replied immediately: "The Gift Shop."

The 5 year old followed this up with, "The Gift Shop."

And then the 3 year old piped out, "I liked the Gift Shop too!"

Their mother rolled her eyes and laughed, "Yes, they appeared to enjoy picking out small Lego sets, and would have stayed in there forever if they could have."

After a while somebody asked, "Grandma? Grandpa? What was your favorite part of Legoland yesterday?"

It didn't take very long to figure out what our answer was. It wasn't rides, or swims, or structures, or Star Wars figures. No, none of that. "Our favorite part? Our favorite part of Legoland was watching YOU!"

It was smashing, that. But a very close second was that air conditioned building with the ice cold cokes. Now THAT was worth every penny of the entry fee.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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