Friday, September 25, 2015

England Day 5 - Castle Rising

Compared with where I typically do my long walks (think: Asphalt Jungle), that which you see below is simply Heavenly.

The farmlands of Norfolk

It is true that the lady walking this lane is dressed in warm layers and scarves, signifying a rather chilled feel. But do I care? Walking in a chill is absolutely divine.

Friend Rosie has driven me to many fun walking places in order that I might not miss an opportunity. Each one seems lovelier than the last and I am adoring it. After having visited a cathedral yesterday, today I was delivered to within yards of a Castle! Do you love castles? I think they are mysterious, and significant, and even rather magical. This spot is called Castle Rising, one of the most famous of England's 12th century castles. It has been a royal residence, a hunting lodge, and (significant for some reason) even hosted a mental patient. You can learn all about it here. (I have lots of photos, but as none of them will export into this space at the moment, perhaps I will be able to show them to you tomorrow).

The castle is a ruin, of course, as the roof and the floor both have gone missing. But it has a Moat! and a Bridge! and lots of green green grass and history galore, preserved there for anyone who wishes to see it. It turns out that not very many did wish to see it today, but that made it all the nicer for me to have a wander on my own. 

Today we have also:

  • fed The Donk (Polly), and her two horsey friends Dora and Blondie
  • cleaned up the 'residuals' of Polly, and Dora, and Blondie
  • taken juicy apples from friend Rosie's tree and fed them to 10 sheep
  • learned that a dashing young family of 3 would be arriving for the weekend (yay and hooray!)
  • made (Rosie did) a delicious chicken peso dinner complete with baked potatoes (from the garden), courgettes (also the same), broccoli (same), and champagne.
  • sat before the lovely and warm fire in the fireplace (I wish I could show you, but - testy internet!)

One day more and the trek south and west will commence, for the shores of Cornwall await. Stay with me as I make my slow and steady way to those cobbled streets and Cornish Pasties. I can almost taste them now..

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

darling Polly - The Donk
(whenever she sees us coming, she trots herself on over with a friendly greeting)

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