Tuesday, September 22, 2015

England Day 2 - Norwich Cathedral!

It would be an hour's drive along county roads, and the SconeLady was uncertain. Life is filled with these uncertainties, and one of them would be the question of car-sickness. I can never really be sure just what might happen.

So to hedge our bets, I dug around in my case for medical assistance, a.k.a: car-sick pills. It was late at night and I held out little hope of finding any. But there they were, tucked inside a tiny pocket of my case where I had placed them for the last trip! All would be well next day as we drove the winding country roads in a convertible Mercedes. I was going to see Norwich Cathedral.

Ted's Mercedes practically drives itself around the bucolic countryside villages of Norfolk. The day was lovely (actual sunshine!) and the company even better. He had scheduled a meeting and would drop me off to take care of an errand, and then I would wend my solitary way toward the Cathedral. 

The errand had been to sort out the phone troubles which had so plagued me last night. I found the right store where a very nice young man awaited me behind his cubicle. I explained my dilemma and he said, "Well Madam I have just the solution for you!" Whereupon he did some sort of magic and restored my abilities to access whatever it was I could not access last night. Voila!

This done, I tracked the way to Norwich Cathedral, and here is what I found:

What do you think of THAT?

Besides being perfectly huge and utterly beautiful, Norwich Cathedral stood out to me with its magnificent steeple. There is almost no place in the town where you cannot see that steeple, and I loved wandering round the streets, keeping an eye out for wherever it might pop up at me. 

 Norwich Cathedral's steeple looms above the town and river

Inside, I wandered through for as long as I could. Then just at the end I heard the beginnings of a short service! The vicar stood and read The Lord's Prayer, and we all stopped to join in. In that moment, none of us were strangers. All of us knew the words of that wonderful passage and shared together the closeness that may be found through Christ. It was all simply splendid.

It was then time to go, so I took a car-sick pill, buckled up my seatbelt, and was carried in style back to the house. The greatest thing about this ride was the top being down and the sweet air swirling around us as we drove. Oh - and the next greatest thing was listening to Caruso over the sound system. There is just nothing like visiting a cathedral, eating a tomato/cheese sandwich, drinking a pot of tea, wandering around a darling English town, then jumping into a Mercedes with the top down and an Italian tenor singing his heart out at you.

It was, indeed, the sweetest thing.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

view from 'my' room - blue sky!

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