Thursday, September 24, 2015

England Day 4 - Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral as one approaches while hyperventilating

The sun is just setting outside my window as I sit here and write. We have this moment come in from feeding the two horses and 'The Donk', during which time the sunset was at its most magnificent. I got to feed them each a red apple, for which they were all three extremely grateful. You make a real friend with a beast when you feed it kindly. The horses are called Blondie and Dori, and the Donk is called Polly. I love them, and they are as sweet as they can possibly be. 

But oh, an even lovelier prospect! Today was the day we visited Ely Cathedral, in all her splendor. And Ely Cathedral is (as they all seem to be) all grandeur, an absolute towering majesty. 

Someone played this enormous organ as I walked mesmerized through the Nave

Construction-brother will appreciate the fan-arches of the ceiling

Inside the cathedral one is presented with several options for viewing. You may wish to go upstairs to visit the Stained Glass Museum (which we did), or you can begin by visiting the cathedral itself, or you can dash straight through to the shop, which contains many items for your perusal and expenditure. We somehow never did reach the shop, but made our way through and away from the Museum to the awaiting cathedral. 

You can take a look at the Museum here, if you wish. I thought it was beautiful but never managed to succeed in listening to the free audio tour device (user error I'm sure) - therefore some of the significance of it was lost on me. What was not lost on me was Ely Cathedral itself. Their stated goal is "Joyfully proclaiming the love of God in worship, outreach, welcome and care." The staff members who welcomed us were very sweet, kind, and clearly shared this goal. We were not there during the time of a church service, but the small preview we heard of the organist practicing was just a taste of what that would be like. He or she was going right at it with gusto!

Upon leaving the cathedral, we wandered the town a bit and visited something I will tell you all about soon. There is neither time nor space right now to do it justice, but I promise it will appear soon for your enjoyment.

For we have determined together that we will NOT stay up past midnight again tonight, and that we WILL sleep through and awake refreshed, ready for a walk through the sweet grasses of Norfolk once again. That is, after a nice cup of tea in the warm kitchen heated so wonderfully by friend Rosie's AGA. 

There are few things in this world - very few - that can beat having a cup of tea at a scrubbed pine table while looking out of doors at Norfolk sunlight, while being warmed and toasted by a lovely green AGA.


See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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