Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Gist of Saturday

When the SconeLady is going to be gone for a time, she tries very hard to see the darlings in her life, a lot. She crams as much time in with them as she can, before walking her miles and eating her delicacies in a far off land. 

And so today, two of them came. There was just so much to do that kept everybody busy for simply hours; and all of it was designed and directed by Them

They rode happily toward Grampa's house, telling numerous stories in run-on sentences at the same time to both grandparents quite amiably along the way.

 They enjoyed books about swans.

 They 'created' things that were unrecognizable to their grandparents, but who (of course) cheered their efforts all the same.

 They swam and then fished, with Gramps.

 They caught a Bluegill whilst eating popsicles.

They read books while lolling around on the couch with Gramps.

They walked to the local for a treat, the small girl opening up all of the locked gates along the way.

And the general gist of the day was altogether one of companionable friendliness. 
Sweet harmony.
Busy industriousness.
And just plain good fun.

Saturdays? At Grampa's? As dreamy as it gets.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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