Tuesday, September 22, 2015

England, Day 1

It was certainly a long one, but I made it!

The SconeLady is a traveler, no question about that. But even she apparently runs into complications from time to time. There seemed to be some sort of trouble with my UK SIM card so that I could not successfully use one iPhone. Which made me nervous to use the other one because it may break the bank. Then there seemed to be a complication with retrieving my train tickets at Paddington Station. AND, I missed my train (due to a lot of circling and stacking in the air for a considerable time) and even the Heathrow Express couldn't get me there on time.

But finally, most of these quirks untangled themselves and at long last I saw the two dearest faces in England. Hooray!

fish cakes!

darling AGA

I was fed royally - fish cakes (home made by friend Rosie, made with fresh salmon!), beet root salad, green salad from the garden topped with avacado, and a red wine to boot. This delicious input had me fairly floating upstairs to my sweet room, where I unpacked, organized myself, and fell into bed. It was the most wonderfully comforting arrival.

And perhaps most miraculous of all was the blessing of sleeping all night long. I am not even joking. I slumbered on from midnight (UK time) to 9 am, which sets a good precident for the SconeLady's travels, don't you think? And then I found that we are going to visit a Cathedral today! 

Life's sweetest blessings. I'd better get my skates on, though. Time's a'wasting.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

view from my bedroom

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