Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Airport

I can scarcely believe it - after all the work I did to whittle down the size of my bag, the items within it, and the liquids it contained, in the end, THEY WOULD NOT LET ME CARRY IT ON. I had to (and my Rick Steves readers will gasp here) CHECK IT INTO BAGGAGE. Oh argh.

It does look a bit big, here in this picture. But I promise you I have carried it on to other flights. Other international flights even. But this time, this agent said 'you'll never get that thing onto the airplane ma'am. Please place it on the belt.'

And so of course, I did. Reluctantly. I placed it obediently right where he indicated, and really - what choice did I have? So I won't be the first passenger out of the airport after all. I was really looking forward to that!

But off I will go, in any case, over eastward to the land of the Brits who await me. And lovely people were here to see me off, too! The Rather Stunning Son and his Darling Girl, along with the SconeLady's husband. Too sweet! With a parting Panera Bread sandwich, and a Panera Bread soup-bread-bowl, with macaroni and cheese and a few additionals, we ate and drank and said our goodbye's. 

And oh - you should just see the gigantic Boeing 747 that just happens to be parking right outside the window where I am sitting. It is only yards away and drawing nearer. I think it is mine. I think it is beautiful. I think - the adventure begins, again.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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