Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bailey the Bear-Bear-Bear

Once in a while you meet a creature who seems perpetually to be smiling, and nothing can induce it to stop. Below is one such creature. Bailey.

See Bailey Smile

Bailey is a girl doggie who has lately come visiting at the SconeLady's house. She loves. She expects. She swims! Although she herself is heavy, I do not think that there is a heavy thought inside of her head. All therein is lightness, and candy, and innocence. To see her is to laugh.

So, meet Bailey, dear Readers. The three darlings did, today, and caught on quickly to her smiling phiz, giving as good as they got. The smallest found that Bailey could sit, stay, come, and shake on command, even in obedience to a three-year-old. The three-year-old saw it being done by a grownup, and then tried it himself. Bailey heard and complied, because that is what Bailey does. She can't help herself - it is just in there for her to do. 

And oh - by the way, Bailey is a 'service dog' and as such can enter buildings and meetings where one would not typically find a dog. In the case of today, a church. The worship team was just transitioning from song to sermon when in walked this very stately and ceremonial hound, smiling in all directions as she made her way to her seat. Heads turned. Her mistress pointed 'down', and 'down' she went, eyeballing the pastor at the front. I really do think she was listening to the sermon, and even nodded in some key places. This was impressive.

While I do not think the SconeLady and her husband will be getting a dog anytime soon (code for: never), I do see why other people insist upon having them. People themselves may not always be happy, or may come home grumpy from work, or may forget to be kind when mistakes are made. A dog, however, will always be happy and never grumpy. A dog does not know mistakes. She - if she does know a mistake - forgives it instantly, and wags her tail, smiling. It is the sweetest thing.

There are times when a dog is much more than just a dog - it is a service.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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