Wednesday, September 23, 2015

England, Day 3 - Endlessly Kind

Coming away from Norwich Cathedral my only regret was that I didn't know more. What I did see was fabulous but the free tour had already gone, and for the moment I could only walk alone and gaze. After I had posted about it, my talented and awesome construction brother wrote me in great excitement: 

"I've studied Norwich Cathedral and compared its structure and ceiling to that in Windsor. The fan-arched nave is so amazing, and they did it without AutoCAD!!!"

I didn't know what 'AutoCAD' was, and so looked it up ...

... and it is 'Computer-aided Design', a design and drafting software. Cool! You can check it out here.

It just amazes me how much people were able to accomplish centuries ago, without computer software! I will now watch for and compare other fan-archings as Cathedrals come and go on my journeys.

Among other wonders, I have been staying in the most amazingly beautiful, comforting spot, within which hospitality is being heaped upon my head. The SconeLady has definitely landed on her feet! No matter how many times I may come, and am fed and cared for, I will never tire of it. Here are some scenes on this gorgeously sunny day:

Just outside the french doors, an expanse of splendid flowers and lawns (and do you just love the skylights?)

I could sit here and gaze, all day long

The spot I sit and blog away, late into the night

 And speaking of late into the night, it really IS late into the night now, and more than time for bed. Rosie has made me a hot water bottle which awaits in my bedroom upstairs. I think I feel it calling me! But there will be more tomorrow, never fear. My adventures may be sedate, but my heart is full and even overflowing.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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