Friday, September 18, 2015

Countdown: Get Me To The Airport On Time!

I absolutely love it when an airline with whom I am booked starts emailing to remind me that I'm going. As if I am a perfect idiot and won't remember. Haha. I suppose there are some who would not remember, but the SconeLady is already on pins and needles and  fully understands the obvious. I'm GOING!
Let's see, what did they remind me of? Well, it was a 'pre-flight services' email, so I suppose it would pertain to my pre-flight organizational skills. They recommend several possibilities. I may wish to:

  • Pay to take extra checked bags. Since I will probably not take any checked bags, I probably will not pay to take any extras of such
  • Note the generous baggage allowance (very important in this money-hungry day and age)
  • Pay to choose my seat in advance. I noticed this for the first time last spring when preparing to fly off London-ward. I did not fancy it. For 80 pounds round trip, I could choose to pick my seats, whereas before I had never had to pay to do it. Hmm. I believe I will resist this gouge and hope for the best 24 hours before the flight, at which time I may choose my seats free of charge.
  • Request a special meal. Well, the meals I have previously eaten on board my airline have suited me nicely, so I don't think I will need any special ones at this juncture. But people with conditions or restrictions may wish to procure a vegetarian, vegan, low fat/no fat, diabetic, gluten intolerant, Kosher, Hindu, Muslim, Asian, low salt, low lactose, or Lacto Ovo meal. And I am happy for them.
  • Add advance passenger information. This one item is essential, and does not cost any pounds or dollars. So I shall go in and take care of it right now just to be on the safe side. 
I am not the least bit afraid of forgetting to do it, as it is likely that every day from today I will hear something 'nudgey' from my airline of choice. It's the Nanny State at its best, hedging us behind and before, from above and below, to be sure we forget nothing and make it to the airport on time. It's actually kind of nice to be paid attention to like this, rather like a baby chick with Mother Hen clucking around behind (before, above, and below) me. I could get used to this. 

There is one thing I am curious about, though. What on earth is a Lacto Ovo meal?

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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