Thursday, November 13, 2014

The SconeLady Tackles Pasties (part 2)

It was what I would consider a 100% success! The grownups loved it, and only one child wasn't so sure. This was due to the fact that a Cornish Pasty lets different foods 'touch' each other. Different foods aren't supposed to do that, apparently.

But just take a look at this fabulous looking food item - it fairly glows:

Pasties from the ovens of SconeTherapy

Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest to you that it can't get much better than this. This is comfort food in its finest hour. 

And here is how I got there:

I brushed the unbaked pasties with an egg wash (i.e., one beaten egg) and placed in a preheated oven at 400F. It took  a little longer than expected to bake (about 45 minutes), but I just watched it closely and could easily see when it was brown enough. I wrapped each pasty in foil individually, so that when we reached the lovely daughter's house, they were still hot and ready to eat. 

We all sat down to the dinner table together. I passed around the pasties, and discussed the proper way to eat one (holding it with both hands along its ridge), the origins and reasons for a pasty (to feed hungry miners below ground who don't have time to come up out of the mine for lunch), the sturdiness factor of a pasty (in case it accidentally falls mid-bite), and the ingredients of a pasty (meat and multi-vegetables). Explaining these things to one's grandchildren is fun because it is fun to talk about England. If I can't be there, I can at least be talking about it.

Our trial run was indeed a success, and one change even came out of it: we determined that the crust could use more salt. Therefore our Cornish pasties for Saturday will have that addition. There just didn't seem to be enough salt in a mere 'pinch'!

And so the day of our Cornish Pasty Party approaches. Today is Thursday - it happens on Saturday! We will start with the pasties, and work our way toward scones, this time with our cream whipped - not clotted. Yummy. And here's a heads up: no one is allowed to consider any dietary restrictions. 

One must just enjoy. That is the only option.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

The SconeLady does not think of dietary restrictions.

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