Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Best Things Happen While You Dance

How many of you remember enjoying a Christmas movie as the sun set on Thanksgiving Day? I, for one, remember it. And here we sit watching Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, dancing and singing as if there were no tomorrow. I think it is the perfect way to usher in a new Christmas season. 

We have been surrounded by family, this day. Everyone contributed their love, and their favorite dishes. Men and women alike helped to dish up and serve, and to clean up when all serving had ended. Everybody laughed a lot, and it was all the sweetest thing.

The SconeLady makes hot rolls

At a strategic point in the festivities, someone FaceTimed and we made it come up onto the big screen TV. The room full of people here saw and loved the room full of people 1,000 miles south. Pretty soon another cousin showed up on a separate FaceTime and joined the conversation. Indeed, we had the technology.

Just moments ago the last of our group drove away and into the night. As we watched them go, I couldn't get over what beautiful young people we all have. Every single one is lovely on the inside and the out, with the light of hope in their eyes. There are struggles too, in there somewhere, because none of us gets to avoid all struggles. But their hope is not dimmed by the struggling, and may it never be.

I notice that the rest of us are drawn to them (as moths are to a light). Who wouldn't be? I don't remember being that dynamic, or beautiful, or energetic! - but perhaps my mother would say that I am. She sees the vitality, the beauty, the energy that I think might have gone missing. Maybe I should let her confidence rub off on me!

But for now, I am a little too tired for all that energy. Instead, I will watch as the age-old message of boy meets girl plays out. To see beautiful young people dancing as if there were no tomorrow. Hmmm... Maybe the best things really do happen while you dance.

It might be fun to try it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
the SconeLady

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