Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Brits Do It Best

Cornish pasty bite is oh, so good

I think we have discovered that Americans love Cornish food and want more of it. At least, they love their pasties, if today's response is any indication. The level of salt turned out to be perfect, the golden brown crusts glistened, and I heard that at least one person enjoyed two of them. The SconeLady was charmed by this show of appreciation.

But if I may say, the scones outdid even the pasties. We had a choice of two kinds: Lemon Poppyseed, made by the SconeLady's sister, and the butter scone recipe from The Little Book of Scones, provided by the SconeLady. Both kinds received high marks from all participants. Who wouldn't love them, what with all the fresh butter, blackberry jam, and whipped cream? The whipped cream was seen to be piled high on many a scone. I, for one, felt almost uncomfortable at the end and had to recline in order to recover.
I am not sure Cornish Pasties were meant to be so closely followed by a Cream Tea. But the scones were too delicious to be resisted, pasty or no pasty. 

And everyone survived.

Now that the party is over with and the kitchen is tidy once more, I can sit here and think about the fun all of those cousins had together. They certainly did get to swim; to hot tub it; to ride in and even drive the party boat; and to FISH from the dock! Besides this, they had permission to grab a soda from the laundry room refrigerator throughout the afternoon. This permission earned the SconeLady their undying gratitude, to be topped only by her additional provision of Corn Dogs for their lunch. 

Children always appreciate a tasty Corn Dog and soda pop. And when it was time for them to go home, only one of them was eager to. The smallest had a fever and felt poorly, and had surely suffered enough. After his grandmother had placed him in the van, he saw her striking up a conversation with one of his aunties. 

He watched them. He sat patiently as they chatted about something or other, but when finally he could bear it no longer he stated, "Grandma? Can't we please just hit the road?"

So they hit the road. Which is what we must do, tomorrow. It will be a travel day, to parts north. But there is snow up there! Yikes. The loveliness of sunny California has lulled us into a comfort zone which I fear must now be shattered.

Looks like it's boots and snow caps all over again. And puffy coats. And scarves. And hoods. And....oh, brother.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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