Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nashville, Season Whatever

The episode was called 'Road Happy', although I have no idea why. The people in it were anything but happy.

And that is the way it is in Nashville the ABC television show - if not the Real Nashville, Tennessee. I've never been there, but if it is anything at all like this show, then watch out. It can get crazy. 

We could start with a guy named Gunnar who is talented, young, and nice, and should be ecstatic. He writes dreamy songs which he sings with one of the blondes in the show, but certain things transpire to make him cry regular tears. I feel sorry for him because if times ever get tough and he needs to man-up, he probably won't be able to. 

It's confusing. Just lately, Gunnar has made the mistake of choosing two girls who happened to be best friends. Only now they (obviously) aren't. And he is having challenges keeping the two of them civil and there are flowing tears and recriminations, and now he has added a new mess. A rediscovered 'old flame'. More complications.

There is also Juliette, a blond Diva who could have real talent but can't seem to avoid drama. The drama is usually generated (and fueled) by some kind of a man, somewhere. The throw-away kind, I think. Good grief.
I was going to go on, but it is kind of embarrassing. Maybe the most embarrassing thing is that I kind of like to watch it. Not for the young and ambitious who seem mostly ridiculous, but for Lennon and Maisy, the  Stella sisters. You can enjoy one of their songs here. Sweet! 

They are real life sisters who play sisters in the series. If the show featured them at its core, it would be dynamic. I suppose, though, that the network would insert all sorts of dramatic scenarios and spoil the innocence. 

The Nashville series episodes are not all available, and perhaps this is a mercy. In its absence, I find myself searching for Lennon and Maisy clips on youtube. There are plenty of them. My favorite is the sweetest, and I have saved it for you here. I will probably fall asleep humming its tune. 

In the meantime, I sure do miss Downton Abbey. Isn't it time for it to start yet? Maybe it would take my mind off Juliette, and Gunnar, and all the rest. I sure could use a little British aristocracy right about now.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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