Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Hero 6. Again.

It was snow-raining, and everywhere there were cars. All the cars in town seemed to be out en route to some emergency, so we took our time and tried to avoid the craziness. But it was ok, because we were going to pick up Mother. For a movie. In short, for Big Hero 6.

We had seen it, but wanted to again - some things are just meant to be relived. Mother had neither seen nor heard of it but was game, because she would be with her daughters. And that is always an adventure.

We two pulled up outside her apartment building, scooped her up, and were off. We remembered going with her to a movie in 1968 called Thoroughly Modern Millie while on a trip to Canada. It was fabulous because Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews were in it and were fabulous. Today it would be a nerd kid and Squishy Marshmallow Man - maybe not really yet fabulous, but close.

We hoped to arrive in time NOT to miss the Disney cartoon we loved and wanted to see again; stood in a slow line (Mockingjay. Need I say more?); and said, "Three for Big Hero 6, please."  But the girl replied, "This one is in 3D, ladies. Do you still want tickets?" as if by looking at us she knew we might not. But we weren't going to stop now. Oh no, nothing would keep us from taking our mother to see our favorite character, Baymax.

So we were handed our 3D glasses and our tickets, and slid into the seats just as the Disney cartoon began. It was even better the second time! Hahahaha!

Our mother had never experienced 3D movies before. We barely had. So we checked with her after the cartoon to see how it felt (some people report feelings of dizziness, and we were taking no chances). "It's great!" she said, as the opening credits began.

It was so much fun. The three of us sitting in a theater with dark glasses made quite a picture and I, of course, had to take a Selfie.

Watching it, I was reminded of Terminator 2. Remember? Arnold Schwarzenegger defeating the bad guys with the young John Connor. Huge muscle man/squishy marshmallow man with diminutive kid, forging a bond and winning the battle? Yep. Fun.

I think seeing Big Hero 6 for a second time was sweet. A lot like Thoroughly Modern Millie up in Canada - we saw it twice too. Because some things are just meant to be relived. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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