Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scones. In Honor of Veterans Day

For the Love of a Vet

Lots of people in my family are Veterans. I am so proud of them.

My husband is a Veteran. So was my dad, my step-father and a myriad of other loved ones who took the step. Tomorrow in the SconeTherapy kitchens we will celebrate these Vets by baking up some tasty scones in their honor. I can almost taste them now!

The SconeLady's sister has found and donated the recipe (and the ingredients! And the scone pan!) for tomorrow's session. We know it is not Veteran's Day just yet (it will be on Tuesday) but for scheduling reasons we will be doing the baking tomorrow. 

They are called Red, White, and Blue Toasted Oat Scones, and you can find the recipe here. I already know that the first step will be toasting the oats. I have never toasted oats and so I am hoping I won't mess it up. Or do anything hideous like scorching them. The other ingredients will be tame by comparison: the red = dried cherries. The white = white chocolate chips. The blue = dried blueberries. It should be not only pretty, but delicious!

So if you feel like participating, look up the recipe through the link above and go for it! I, for one, am planning to whip up some cream to go along with the butter and jam. But some of you might prefer clotted cream, or no cream at all. Whatever. Anything will be simply marvelous, because YOU will have made them. 

We will report back to you tomorrow night, when all is completed. Happy baking!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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