Sunday, November 23, 2014


Post Apocolyptic SciFi isn't really my deal. But it is my husband's, so I was slightly intrigued about seeing the new film InterstellarHave you seen it? I was pretty sure I wouldn't understand it much, but thought Jessica Chastain and Mathew McConaughey might make up for that. So we went.

As expected, great swathes of the film made little sense to the SconeLady. When it comes to imminent-earthly-disaster, I drift a bit. But everything else was so interesting that it didn't really matter.

Jessica Chastain's character was, of course, in her thirties. But her character ('Murphy') also appeared earlier as a 10 year old girl, and so the filmmakers had to find someone who looks JUST like Jessica Chastain. Only younger. And they actually did - Mackenzie Foy. Her part in the film made it super interesting because she was smart and cute, loved her father and was neither rude nor difficult. Not the typical mouthy young person. It was great.

But the hardest thing about futuristic SciFi is the fact that they nearly always portray our futuristic Earth as teetering upon the edge of disaster. Usually these movies insert dinginess, dirt, smog, or dust in every frame. In Interstellar, DUST was the big deal. Choking, ugly, grisly dust was everywhere. 

But Matthew McConaughey ('Cooper') and daughter Murphy come to the rescue. The job is to find another planet where mankind can live, while there is still time. But there are intricate problems that must be solved (gravitational waves, binary coordinates, wormholes and time dilation, to name a few) - none of which I know about, nor wish to know. But it is rather nice to follow this thing to its conclusion, and see how such a thing might be done. At least in a movie.

With the help of Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway, the film made it worth our entry fee. Yes, it was a really LONG MOVIE. But instead of constantly checking the clock, I was actually surprised when the thing ended

Maybe post apocalyptic isn't ever going to be my deal. Maybe chic flick is more likely, for me. I would much rather watch normal people falling in love not having to worry about where their next breath will come from. Perhaps on top of the Empire State Building. 

Sleepless In Seattle, anyone?

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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