Monday, November 10, 2014

All This For A Vet

Today's recipe is from Cooking Light magazine

Every taste-tester in the SconeTherapy kitchens has pronounced the scones 'delicious'. Hurray!

Our kitchens are important to us, and we wish for them to produce only the best in tastes. Especially in scone tastes. So today's success is everybody's success!

The SconeLady's sister cuts

We began by following the directions - which is a very handy sort of thing to do when one cares. The SconeLady had misplaced her antique pastry cutter, so her sister had to cut the cold, unsalted butter into the dry ingredients for her. Her sister had made these scones before and so this did not bother her one bit. She had used, however, her own pastry cutter and so today's process was lengthier. But very pleasant it was, puttering around gathering things while the sister cut in the butter with two knives, and chatted.

Oh - and I didn't mess up toasting the oats. They were perfect, not too dark and not too light. We mixed the dry ingredients, then cut in the butter, then added the wet. We used a scone pan which evened it all out to 8 perfect scones, being sure to spray it all with PAM first.

One of the nice parts of this shape of scone is the fact that you do not have to use a rolling pin. All you must do is kneed the dough briefly, then use a guesstimate on how much to place into each segment of the pan. In this case, just the right amount was placed:

Once the dough has been placed evenly, brush the tops with egg white mixed with a small amount of water. Bake at 350F for 25 minutes, and here's what you will find:

The cream was whipped, the butter and jam laid out, and with delicious Assam Tea in the pot, all was ready. It was such a treat! Red, White, and Blue Toasted Oat Scones, a new discovery to add to our growing fund of SconeTherapy recipes. 

It's the best kind of therapy, after all. And not very expensive, either!

And so on this lovely eve of Veterans Day 2014, here's a huge Thank you! to our Vets. And tomorrow? let's totally celebrate! 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

F-111 Fighter

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