Thursday, October 3, 2013

Walking Tour day three - Cotswolds

I have found a wifi hotspot, and will hope to sit here long enough to favor you with a decent post.

As you know, today is Day Three of a walking tour in the Cotswolds of England. Day Two began at breakfast in a sweet B&B, before I headed out on a 13 mile trek. In the breakfast room I was surprised to meet someone who had been stationed in the UK at the same time we had, 22 years ago! It was exciting to catch up with her, and the whole conversation was immensely satisfying. She is now an author and is currently doing research for it a new book.

Later in the day, as I was walking across a lovely horse training facility, I felt a nose nudging my leg, and looked down at a young doggie, peering inquiringly up into my face.  She apparently desired to accompany me for a while, and I was happy to have her there. We walked companionably together, and every once in a while I would venture a 'Go home'. Although she lowered her head guiltily, she did not feel guilty enough to actually go home for a good long time.
You will see a picture of her, below.

I am being (very politely) shooed out, having overstayed my welcome in the deli here. No time to edit! so I must sign off. The third and final walking tour day awaits.

See you along the way!

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