Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Farm in Sommerset

Blackmore Farm, Cannington. If you can get to Sommerset, you must experience this. Please see the photos below of the farm, the great Hall, and of the room I stayed the night in, the one with all the beams. We didn't want to leave!

But leave we must, and 10a.m. found us once again on the motorway, rocketing south. All at once, watching the countryside speed past, I was kind of nostalgic for the fields, paddocks, stiles and 'kissing' gates of the walking tour. Nothing compares with strolling right next to sweet white sheep in double green fields, looking all pastoral. So now the ideas are beginning to flow for a wonderful walking holiday, perhaps this time in the Peak District... hmm..


Will let you know about a Cornish cream tea tomorrow.
See you along the way!

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