Sunday, October 13, 2013

From the BBC to Downton Abbey

First, let me be honest with you and tell you that I am going to watch Downton Abbey at 9:00 tonight. Yes. Even if this blog post is not finished, I shall watch Downton Abbey. How can I be watching this show when it has not yet been released, you ask? Because it has been released! Here in the UK. The land of Downton bestows it upon their faithful hordes, early.

So I will share a bit with you about this day, then will dash to the television waiting in the next room.

The weather here in London has turned bleak. My poor head! There is an umbrella over it, but as that minuscule shelter spends a fair amount of its time inside out, hair has no chance. Nevertheless, I walked the 3 miles to BBC Broadcasting House this morning, for a tour. Their new facilities are shiny and up to date and exciting. I have been listening to BBC World for the past 2 years, and wanted to see where it all happens.

Here's something fun! Part of the tour is an opportunity for tourists to do a (mock) newscast. Volunteers were requested. None came forward. I wondered when this opportunity would come my way again. So I did it!

I laugh out loud whenever I think of this (laughing now). I will show you a pic of the experience, below, and will also say that the people at the BBC are fun, and funny, and kind, and - smart.

The rest of today was spent in the home of London friends, enjoying a delicious Sunday lunch. That experience deserves an upcoming post all it's own. No one does Sunday lunch the way the English do.

Only 5 days to go, and I will be homeward bound. The countdown begins..

But first - Downton Abbey!!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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