Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today, There Was A Scone

After all this searching for, and consuming of, scones, I have firmly concluded that the Brits do it right. There really were surprisingly few that missed the mark, and truth be told, I enjoyed something about almost all of them.

The final scone of the search was the best, most enticing and distinctive of the collection! I experienced it at Fortnum & Mason, reputed to be where the Queen 'does' her shopping.You can tell just by looking that this scone will be warm (just out of their ovens); not too large or small; substantial yet not heavy; just sweet enough; served with delicious tea (this was Assam); with enough additional hot water to make the tea lover happy; and reposing upon a table cloth with a jug of enough milk to be sure one does not need to request more (this is always in question when approaching a pot of tea here in the UK).

The SconeLady has given this cream tea a 10++!!

Here it is:

This sconing experience has been the perfect conclusion of a lovely and gracious Sojourn in this gentle land. I will continue sharing with you, my faithful readers, as I process photos, and thoughts, and memories of it all. But for now, I will sign off on this, the final full day of my English travels.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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