Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cornwall, Day 1 (Planes, Trains, and Friend Rosie)

It worked, dear Readers! All of it.

After the long wait at LAX, during which time I ate a fabulous grilled Gruyere cheese/apple/sliced ham sandwich, everybody was herded inside of an enormous metal tube - our chariot, for the day. The people running the show were New Zealanders, whose voices sounded to me so wonderfully familiar and kind. They made it all go off absolutely without a hitch. Well, perhaps there was one little hitch. The man next to me (a burly Jamaican) nearly fell into fits because of the turbulence. The SconeLady herself was not made happy by the turbulence, but I had early on decided to go with my sister's advice: just ride it like a wave. But that poor man really did have a nasty time of it. I felt dreadfully sorry for him and am sure he wished for some strong medication right about then.

Paddington Station

St Ives, this morning

There was only one other little hitch in the proceedings of the day. One train to Cornwall had me in it, and another train to Cornwall broke down. The powers that be felt that the only way to solve this problem was to cram all of the people from the broken train into the train holding me. Guess what. THERE WASN'T ENOUGH ROOM IN THE TRAIN. But in they came, nevertheless. These poor people were nearly smashed together so that no one could get out and no one could get in. I luckily had a seat, but on a 5 1/2 hour journey, one does need to exit the seat and find the loo. This was not pretty, with hordes of people and their luggage sitting all down the aisles and round the loo. *ahem*

But, we made it, and the lovely Rosie and Ted were there to meet me from the sweet little train between St Erth and St Ives! After much squealing and hugging, off we walked, arms linked, and conversation flowing to beat the band. It was a whole three blocks before the subject of the American election came up - hahahaha! And then did we ever chatter away, until Ted was so far ahead of us that he had to stop and beckon. "Come, ladies, we can't lollygag all day long, now.."   

But we were just getting to the interesting part! Oh well, we can always pick it back up tomorrow and the next day, because there really is no end of things to discuss. Everyone over here shares the same curiosity: what will the Americans do????

What, indeed. I wish I knew.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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