Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cornwall, Day 4 (Another Three Cheers)

When one is dizzy in a foreign land, one is in good hands when that foreign land happens to be England. A friendly cab driver drove us at a good clip up the long, long hill to the 'Surgery' (doctor's office), let us off, said "Ring me when you're ready to go back, love!" and in we went. It was a bit of a wait but we had arrived early, and anyway it was interesting to look around at the interesting people and things. There happened to be a temporary book stall set up in the reception area, which I had never run across in any doctor's office before. I didn't get to look at any of the books, but would have liked to.

Rosie and I were ushered in (after paying the small obligatory fee), and spoke with a wise and knowledgeable doctor who asked good questions and gave good advice. Tests were done, and medication was prescribed, with instructions to come back if things did not improve. The cab driver scooped us back up and went - at speed - back down the long, long hill toward home. Once again the NHS comes through! Hip Hip Hooray!

We were soon rewarded by a scrumptious dinner, made by 'Our Em': Salmon and Tamarind Curry, Fresh Cucumber and Yogurt sauce, and Quick Lemon Pickle. All delicious! Our basement kitchen could have been a fancy restaurant in London, so good was it. But that's been the way of it this week: absolutely filled with wonderful food, prepared and kindly offered by those two splendid women. I am humbled.    

In the end, we watched more of 'Yes, Minister', which caused repeated laughter, guffawing, and general hilarity. Have you ever watched it? You must, dear Readers, you simply must find it somewhere. But turn the volume up a bit or you might miss the subtleties, which are priceless. British political satire at its best!

And given the atmosphere of our own political turf these days, I think we could all use a few guffaws. Don't you?

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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