Friday, October 7, 2016

Cornwall, Day 7 (Scone)

Our Em leaves on her train for Paddington

I didn't want them to, but they did. We'd been given such a lovely time that it seemed cruel to see it end. But now my friends must head for home, back to work and responsibilities and real life. These three kindly Musketeers leaving once more while I stayed behind. The farewells are always tough! but we made it through and said our many 'goodbye!'s, after which I wandered vaguely along the harbor remembering it all.

Along the way were the well-known gems I look for each year -  the Porthminster Gallery, situated at harbor's edge and simply stuffed with priceless objects any thinking person would want. There was dear St Ives Gallery, where the splendid Malcomb Bowmer shows his wares and visits with his fans. And then - what? was I getting hungry? Surely not. We had had a delightful breakfast of British bacon, scrambled eggs, Columbian coffee and croissants (for me, well, a chocolate twist..) and I hadn't thought to become hungry for ages. 

Nevertheless I was, and where would anyone in St Ives wish to go once they found themselves hungry? Why, to The Digey of course. There, I was warmly welcomed and given (by Josh himself) one of the best-scones-in-England, while sitting outside and watching the world going by. As I applied the jam and the cream, I noticed three large dogs at the next table. The dogs were actually more than just large, dear Readers, they were perfectly colossal. They were, in fact, Great Danes, with creamy smooth fur and wise eyes and gigantic paws. Each time a pedestrian went past, they three made a slight movement toward that personage but were never quite able to reach them. Their master was a cruel despot who ruled them with an iron fist, and so they finally just sighed their great sighs and laid down their great heads. It was the cutest thing.

And now, I am seated within this cozy cottage and writing to you. On the Tellie there is some kind of strange British game show (I think it is called 'Pointless') that I cannot quite get the gist of. This is hardly surprising since I don't seem to know anything about any of their topics. But with the absence of my friends, a British TV show complete with British accents is sort of comforting, you know? 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

(one of the questions on the strange British TV game show: "A number 3 hit in 1976 for the Wurzles".  Nope. I haven't a clue).


  1. a high bar for all future scones...

    1. Yes! The Digey is absolutely the best of all scones, first to last! I think I will never ever tire of them.