Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cornwall, Day 28 (the Brotherly Traveler had to go)

At this very moment, on a tarmac not 6 railway hours from here, my Brotherly Traveler is rumbling down an enormous runway and heading home. Everyone there will be ecstatic. Here, not so much.

(Isn't he sweet?)

It was a lovely two weeks! We did so much, and walked so far. From the start, there was a 'list of 17 things to do in St Ives', almost all of which we accomplished. They are the sorts of things I always want to do here, and I knew he would too. Here is my list, and the * ones are the ones we accomplished (notice the list grew as time went by):

  1. The Digey Food Room for a Cream Tea (*more than once!)
  2. Church of England (*more than once)
  3. Mousehole Choir rehearsal *
  4. Mousehole Choir concert *
  5. Porthminster Cafe for breakfast *
  6. Golf at the West Cornwall Golf Club*
  7. The Pier Coffee House
  8. walk to the cliffs *
  9. Leach Pottery class *
  10. Knills Monument *
  11. Carbis Bay walk *
  12. train to Lelant, walk back *
  13. Hain Line for coffee
  14. Tony’s walking tour *
  15. Port Isaac tour (Doc Martin TV show)
  16. Library
  17. Truro Cathedral *
  18. Marazion and St Michael’s Mount *
  19. the Sloop (*more than once!)
  20. Barbara Hepworth Museum
  21. St Ives Museum *

Of particular interest to us both was the Digey Food Room. What else! We started with a simple Cream Tea, and graduated on up to soups and quiches. And bread. Their homemade bread is incredible. Everything we had was delicious. During the second week we had no cottage wifi, and so began stepping over to The Digey for theirs. We ate the food because it was so good and because we so appreciated the wifi!

For me, Golfing, Knills Monument, Church of England, St Michael's Mount, the walking tour, Truro Cathedral, Leach Pottery, and the Mousehole Choir held pride of place. So many wonderful treasures, don't you think?  

Since changeover day, this has been my view

But now that the BT has gone, I am at a bit of a loose end. But it won't be loose for long, because something great is about to happen. Keep watching, and you shall see.

In the meantime I shall sit here for a bit, and rest. And look out of my lovely window. And be thankful. The sky is blue and the seas reflect it back to me, an American lady tucked away in this little cottage on the hill, in the sweetest place in this wide, wide world.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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