Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cornwall, Day 11 ('Brisk' and 'Breezy')

I watched the noon day news today on the Tellie, and saw the weatherman. He was like our weathermen back home, gesturing wildly at a map of England which showed an enormous amount of wind and cold. Not good! Wind and cold. No one does wind and cold like the United Kingdom, and it certainly decided today to make a stab at it. The weatherman described it in such understated terms - 'Brisk' (when it is utterly freezing!) and 'Breezy' (when there are hurricane-like winds). Clearly they are more accustomed to such freezing hurricanes than am I.

But I can't be discouraged, dear Readers, for there is great excitement building! The brotherly traveler makes his way to St Ives this weekend. Yes! The SconeLady shall have a visitor, one who has followed this space and longed to see such beauty. Yay and Hurray!

All kinds of questions have been asked and answered, much to my delight for it is the SconeLady's favorite topic. Questions about clothing, and luggage, and trains, and Customs. Then there are the electronics and adapters, banks and money, railway tickets and jet lag. Everything, in fact, that a traveling person might wish to prepare for. It is lovely to use the experiences I have had, to help someone as kind as my brotherly traveler.

In the meantime, while all of these messages and emails went flying back and forth across the Pond, the SconeLady's iPhone began to buzz, and I looked at it and saw:

A small person had been wanting to speak with Grandma, and turned himself upside down on his grandfather's kindly arm. It was the sweetest thing. We discussed many varying and interesting things such as an upcoming birthday, a haircut that may or may not happen, school, and sleepiness. It was all fascinating to Grandma, who wants to hear everything that might pop into the head of this young thing.

Today there was a walking tour, about which I will tell you tomorrow. I fear I would make no sense if I attempted it right now. Sleep hovers, overcoming the best of intentions.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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