Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cornwall, Day 6 (Cape Cornwall)

It is super late and I am drifting, drifting toward sleep here in this sweet quiet town. But you must know first that this was a splendid day. A day of rare beauty and safe walking and food. It was all simply fun.

You are looking at the rare beauty, here. It is called Cape Cornwall and we went to it today. Friend Rosie, our Em, and me. With the new sticks! We drove to St Just, parked in Lafrowda Square and headed down and down toward the sea. We knew it was coming and we suspected how beautiful it would be. But it is hard to be prepared for something this spectacular. You have got to see it, dear Readers.

There were some old abandoned mines to snoop around in along the way, and a sweet little bench where we could share our lunches and chat. And laugh. With the SconeLady feeling chipper and the weather so fine, we couldn't actually keep from laughing.

Soon we came upon a little blue structure wherein there stood a tea and cake lady, with her teas and her cakes. Tea was a terrific idea, and so we sat at a picnic table and began discussing the recent shocking news about The Great British Bakeoff program. This news was so shocking that the couple sharing the picnic table heard us and joined in, and we all had a very satisfying conversation about how we felt about it. We were all incensed because the production company was moving the show to another channel and the three women in the show weren't going to go but the man in the show was going, and the show will never be the same and all of the would-be bakers in England are incensed. It is very sad. 

After being incensed for a while we got up and said goodbye to our new friends (the Bakeoff is always a great way to make new friends), and walked back to St Just. We made our way to St Ives, and after a delicious dinner of barbecue chicken, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and amazing ice creams, we watched 'Yes, Minister' again, which was hysterical. And now I am probably going to post this without editing it, because it is JUST TOO LATE. Please forgive me, but nothing can keep me staring at this screen for even one minute more!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

The tea and cake lady serving tea IN REAL CUPS
(tea in paper would NEVER DO in Cornwall)

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