Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cornwall, Day 13 (the Brotherly Traveler)

It was going to be a red letter day, for the brotherly traveler was approaching, soon to arrive in London! He in fact did arrive, and I watched it all happen - or at least, I watched the airline website flight status page, which kept me up to date and accurate as to my sweet brother's whereabouts.  

All of this happened whilst I was sitting in front of my little fireplace in black and gray socks drinking a nice cup of tea. And listening to the BBC. And eating a twist. I have gotten into the habit of eating a twist while listening to BBC Radio 4 (all cottages have a radio in them that is already set to BBC4. It must be a rule), with one stipulation. I will listen to it only if it does not start talking about American presidential candidates. If it starts talking about American presidential candidates, I automatically switch off and go do something else. When on holiday a person should not be inflicted with shenanigans, whichever side it comes from. So I switched it off and everything became wonderfully peaceful once more. 

I locked my door and wandered down to the harbor to watch the town coming to life. Bread vans began rolling, street cleaners began cleaning, and other walkers with sticks headed for the Island. Some walked their dogs, and others just meandered, holding hands. But no one - I mean absolutely no one - was talking about the American presidential candidates.

That's the Cornish for you. Sensible to the last.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

(coming soon: the Adventures of the Brotherly Traveler)

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