Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cornwall, Day 8 (Morning Suits)

Today is changeover day, so wherever you look you are liable to find ladies just like myself who are waiting for their next cottage to be ready. The interval is generally between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, but we are patient persons and have settled ideas of where to go and what to do with these hours. As long as it doesn't rain (and really, even if it does) we are just about fine, thank you very much.

It is currently 12:51 pm and so I have about 2 hours to go. So far, I've delivered my bag to the holiday cottage office (who are kind enough to keep an eye on it for me), sat watching the surf from a seaside bench, gotten a cup of coffee from a restaurant, eaten a tomato-cheese sandwich on another bench, and now have settle into the town Library - which should just about take me up to the magical hour. It is lovely and quiet and there are windows to gaze out of when one feels like gazing. And there is free wifi. Hooray!

But - oh dear! the Library lady has just come in to inform me that the Library is closing. "You're closing?" I responded. "The other gentleman has just gotten me signed in for Wifi, and I have only just begun..."

"We're closing," she broke in firmly, and stood nearby to watch me packing up and making my way out. I thought I detected a slight tapping of the foot. Perhaps I could have checked the Library hours, and I suppose I should probably have remembered them. But oh well, she is clearly waiting and so I must shift on. The life of a vagabond - at least on Saturdays.

But what I am really thinking about for you isn't the Library, or free wifi, or the kind doggy who showed an interest in my tomato-cheese. I am interested in what I saw inside the restaurant. Because what I saw there was not what I could count on to see back home. And it was great fun.
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Morning Suits. I saw Morning Suits! You Britishers out there will know exactly what I mean, and might be accustomed to seeing them on a Saturday somewhere near a church. For today there would be a wedding! Just before I came to have a simple cup of coffee, an entire set of groomsmen filed in and ordered a drink. They stood around looking splendid in their gray 'tails' and top hats, laughing uproariously and fully aware of the stir they were creating. I only wish I had had the nerve to ask one of them if I could take a selfie with them. But even the SconeLady is not so brave as that. 

The two ladies sharing my table said, "Morning Suits, Miss! Did you see the Morning Suits?"

"Oh yes," said I. "They're fascinating!"

"We had my son's wedding this year and they wore Morning Suits," the younger one said. This was great news, news that was delivered proudly and with honor. "Oooh," I whispered. "It must have been posh.."

I went on to say that my son (The Rather Stunning) had had a wedding in July. "Did they wear Morning Suits?" asked the elder lady.

"Mum," said the younger. "They don't have Morning Suits in America. It's too hot there. Isn't it, Miss?"

I thought about that. "Well, we didn't have Morning Suits at our wedding, but I think they maybe do have them in America.. someplace."

It was time for me to go, but the elder lady opened her cell phone and whipped through some photos to show to the American lady.

"Here it is! Here is the Morning Suit," she breathed, extending the phone toward me.

"Lovely!" I said, as she whipped through some more. "What a nice looking bride. May I show you our wedding?"

I produced a photo of my own, and the effect of it was immediate. "Oh, Miss, they are a beautiful couple, even without Morning Suits," said the mum. "Gorgeous, in fact.."

It was only the truth, which I humbly acknowledged with a slight bow. She closed her phone with a snap

"Nice to meet you," she said. 

"But - what about the other photos?" I asked, ready for more.

"Oh, that's ok - I showed you the best one already."

As I walked away, I thought of the Rather Stunning Son and his Darling Girl, back home. They had made their own 'stir' from thousands of miles away. Yes, quite a stir. In fact, they create quite a stir wherever they go. Like two young puppies just getting to know life and love and enjoying every moment of it. It was this that shone out from their photo.

(Besides the fact that they are - it has to be faced - gorgeous.)

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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