Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cornwall, Day 20 (St Michael)

We were wandering from room to room within the castle when suddenly, we were inside the Chapel and gazing up at this:

I have made it extra large here for you so that you can gaze at it too. The original sequence of events which led us to this moment were:

  • walking from our cottage down to the sweet little St Ives train
  • taking the St Ives train to Penzance
  • getting off the train in Penzance and walking the 3.3 miles to Marazion
  • reaching Marazion and instantly entering The Coffee Lounge, a place the SconeLady has frequented during her St Michael's Mount forays
  • after our tea and coffee, walking along the causeway toward that magnificent Mount
  • eating our baguette lunches within the shelter provided for people who wish to eat baguettes in a shelter
  • walking up to tour the castle at the top of the Mount (no easy task)
  • being given scads of great information about the castle at the top of the Mount
  • shuddering upon hearing that the original chapel/castle had been utterly destroyed by a horrendous earthquake in the 1200s, and then having to rebuild the chapel/castle from scratch (the SconeLady shudders at all earthquakes, past and present. and probably future)
It was then that we entered the Chapel and came upon the terrible and wonderful sculpture of St Michael and Lucifer. Almost, it would spoil it if I talked much about it here. Almost, you don't need me to. You can see already its import and its gravity without my telling you. Someone mentioned Michael's 'upturned palm', and marveled. Someone else saw it and exclaimed over its beauty and its encouragement. It was further discussed, and the thought was expressed that St Michael appears to be indicating 'Come', while Lucifer appears to be responding, 'Go' (ponder their palms). But whatever I say here will fall short, so I will just let you gaze, and marvel.

Walking the 3.3 miles from Penzance and back with the Brotherly Traveler was both joyful and informative. We literally talk, dear Readers, every day from morning till noon, and from noon till night. Then we get up in the morning and start the whole thing all over again. Isn't that just about the best thing in the world? Life is short, and I am discovering an increasing number of people whom I would like in my corner when times get tough. The BT is one of those. 

 (And St Michael? Oh, he's definitely one of them too.)

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

photo credit, St Michael and Lucifer: DRW, the Priory Church of St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

This beautiful bronze statue of of St Michael defeating Lucifer was commissioned by the fourth Lord St Levan and was sculpted by Lyn Constable Maxwell in 1989.

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