Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cornwall, Day 23 (Clementina)

It was all rather surprising. We were innocently talking about how terrific it had been to enjoy the lecture and the demonstration at Leach Pottery. We were speaking enthusiastically about the potter and saying all sorts of good things about her, when, suddenly she was there. Sitting not two feet from where we sat at our tea and our scone, at The Digey!

Of course she would choose to be at The Digey. It is the loveliest place of quality in town and a place any famous (and hungry) potter might wish to frequent. I had been saying something like, “Oh, and wasn’t it wonderful that Clementina said we could put her pictures on Instagram?” and, “Oh, I wish I knew her last name!” and all sorts like that. We then heard the plaintive voice of none other than Clementina herself, saying, “But I’m here..”

We looked in the direction of that voice, and saw her. Instantly (and you would have done this too, I dare say) we wondered if we had said anything off-putting during that span of time when she had seen us, but we still hadn’t seen her. But I thought not, and that surely what we had said was only lovely.

“Oh hello!” said I with a huge grin, for at that moment she was just exactly the person I would have chosen to see. I gently held out my iPhone to reveal her face upon it. “Do you mind?” I asked somewhat shyly.

“Oh, no, not at all. I know by now that whatever else might happen, it will all be on Instagram or Facebook.” And then she smiled.

It was the sweetest thing.

It seems that wherever the Brotherly Traveler and I go, we run into something or someone of interest to us. This place seems to be crawling with them! Everyone has a story, and we will all be quickly intrigued if only we take the time to listen. And be listened to. For that also is a part of the story.

I really wanted to take a selfie with Clementina, but never quite got up the courage to ask (are you proud of me?). Perhaps we shall see her again, and take her for a cup of tea. There is so much about South Africa in general, and about her within it in particular, that we would love to know. Her perspective is unique and based upon much time and thought. It would be good to share it.

But The Digey was closing and our scone had disappeared. Clementina gathered her belongings and once again turned to say goodbye. We watched as she made her way out of the door and up the lane, diving into the throngs of sightseers from who knows where – perhaps none of whom recognized who she was. One never knows when some lovely and famous person might be in their midst.

But the Brotherly Traveler and I knew, and we would never forget.

See you along the way!

The SconeLady

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