Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cornwall, Day 5 (Sticks)

It was a brilliant idea, thought of by Rosie and myself at just exactly the same moment. There had been a small silence as we paused in our discussion of 'How will walking go for you once we leave?' Then the penny suddenly dropped, and we both said, "Sticks!"

Someone else repeated, "Sticks?"

"Walking sticks!" we cried. "It's the perfect solution."

So down we went along Fore Street to the Mountain Store, where we were kindly referred upstairs where the display of 'sticks' could be found. Gathered round the display were several other folk who also needed them, and so we all discussed the pros and cons of each. Rosie, Em, and I finally settled upon a sturdy adjustable pair that seemed likely to keep a girl on her feet, able to make her merry way around St Ives, both indoors and out. And here they are:

To get the hang of them I strolled gradually down to the end of Fore Street, aiming straight for Madeleine's Cafe. It is on the right hand corner, a perfectly accessible spot for a nice cup of tea any time of the day. I could almost smell the cake. But - what was this? I tried the door, and it was locked. I looked through the window, and no one was there. Not a stick of furniture nor a bit of cake to be seen. I stepped into the book shop next door and asked, "Whatever has happened to Madeleine's?"

"Oh, it is sad, Ma'am. So sad. Just two weeks ago I came to work and the whole place was shut up and empty, even the hand painted signs had been smudged out. It was all just such a shock."

She did indeed look like she might almost faint then and there. "I've been going to Madeleine's for me cakes and me coffee for years now, and it just won't ever be the same.." There didn't seem to be anything I could say to this, so I wandered off, casting a backward glance at the forlorn little place that had once been Madeleine's. 

The SconeLady never likes it when something changes like that; when something closes. A bit of light closes with it. But hey - chin up! There is still The Digey, never forget. The Digey seems to be there whatever else may change. And I shall get there, dear Readers. Soon. I shall get there soon.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

St Ives Harbor this morning

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