Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another Airport

It was strangely easy, once we'd reached the airport. It was just getting there. Have you personally driven through the labyrinth that is Southern California, hoping to make it through alive? If not, how did you become so smart as to have missed it? For me there is an excuse, since it is the only way I can get to where I wish to be. Therefore I can take it. 

The children sitting near me here are awfully quiet. In fact it was almost unbelievable, until I figured it out. They all have laptops, or iPads, or iPhone movies, or video games, or apple watches that go 'beep' and entertain, or a rough combination of all the above. Such a difference from the chaos and cacophony of a mere 10 years ago. The trouble will probably start when all of these devices begin running out of battery about half way across the Pond, by which time I hope to be in a TylenolPM induced trance and won't notice. 

But oh! they are gearing up to call our flight, I can tell. People are gathering up their belongings and their little ones. Mothers are folding strollers and prying iPads out of their offspring's fingers. It isn't going well. That TylenolPM is really going to come in handy...maybe sooner rather than later.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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